Gemibook Pro doesn't recognize the new storage memory

Goodmorning everyone! I bought this computer last month and it is the latest model (the 14-inch one with WiFi6, built in October 2021). I have tried in every way, but without success, to increase the capacity of the storage memory.

In practice, in the second free slot, I inserted an M.2 2280 Wd Blue (sata) and also a Crucial P5 2280 (Nvme), both of 500 GB. Unfortunately, neither the system disk manager nor the BIOS recognizes them. The thing that makes me think is that if I take the supplied hard disk (Netac 256 GB) and I insert it in the second free slot, the system does not turn on and remains frozen on the BIOS screen. Could it be that the second free slot does not physically work?

Do you have any ideas? Do I need to enter any commands in the BIOS? This topic is really driving me crazy! Please ask for your help! Thanks in advance!

The P5 won’t work, that’s a known quantity.

The Blue SATA should work. Did you try doing a powershell Get-PhysicalDisk instead of just checking disk management? The newer versions of Windows have less and less that disk manager can actually see and manage, if it’s missing a GPT/MBR it won’t always see it anymore to allow you to do anything.

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when you put Netac in the second slot, do you change the boot in the bios to start from there? You may also need to format the disk on another pc.