Help - payment taken but no reference or email?

I purchased a Ubook in the Aliexpress Chuwi store on Friday 31 January. Payment was taken from my bank account yet i have not received any confirmation emails or reference numbers for my purchase.

It is now 6 days since purchase was made and i cannot get anywhere with the stupid aliexpress chatbot to raise it as an issue.

very frustrated - can you help please.

Of course, you should keep in mind that there have been holidays for the Chinese New Year since January 21 and that the return to work has been postponed until February 11 recommended by the authorities to avoid the expansion of the coronavirus.
I regret the consequences it will have for you, since no order will be sent before February 11 but, as you can see, it is not for reasons attributable to Chuwi.

Ah thank you - that makes sense now however, i was asked where would i like the the purchase shipped from and i picked ‘Spain’. I suppose the admin is carried out in China - is it?

Sorry to hear about the coronavirus and how it is affecting your country. I hope you guys in china pull through this and i wish you all the best in tackling this dreadful virus.
Was pretty impressed on how quickly you guys built a hospital in Wuhan - well done and keep safe.

Indeed it is so, the administration is from China.
I am grateful on behalf of Chuwi of his intentions regarding the consequences of the coronavirus and desires for a prompt solution, but I must tell you that I am Spanish, I live in Spain and I am not a Chinese citizen.

He collaborated with Chuwi in maintaining the official forum, in solving user problems and in responding to the questions raised.

I am also impressed by the speed of hospital construction to care for those affected by the virus.

That said, what are two Spaniards doing writing in English in a Chinese forum? :grin::grin::grin:

haha - i am english and a regular visitor to good old espania.

By the way, i support Liverpool FC and were you impressed at the way we kicked Barcelona’s ass in the champions league semi final :grin: :grin: :grin:
Roll on Atletico Madrid on the 18th - Liverpool going to kick their ass too.

Will my order be processed after 11th feb?