Hinge right CWI529 blocks

I was very satisfied with mi CWI529 until suddenly the hinge blocks and even broke the glas of my laptop.
How can I now repair this hinge or change or something else?? Is there anybody who could give me a tipp - how I could repair this issue myself. since the laptop works still very well…
Thanks a lot in advance!

ich war sehr zufrieden mit meinem CWI529 bis das rechte Scharnier beim Öffnen plötzlich blockierte und sogar eine Ecke des Glases abbrach welches das Display schützt. Hat irgendjemand einen Tipp, wie ich das Problem beheben könnte, denn das Teil funktioniert ansonsten noch sehr gut!
Vielen Dank im Voraus


for the screen i think that it have hinges

Hi Sotiris,
Thanks a lot for Your speedy reply. But before I will order anything I would like to get any instruction how to change it. Do You have there also some tipp or even a video?
I believe also that I would need only the hinges and not a full screen if possible… And the pictures in this shop are really very bad - there is nothing to see… - thats really a pitty…
Happy new Year

unfortunately i did not find any video. you may need help with chuwi service.