How to apply for after-sales service for your chuwi products

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hello , there is no aftersale at chuwi they can’t answer and they can’t resolve my problem .
it is a new brand which is not yet stable, I advise against the purchase of its products, the worst is that even Chuwi espagne their service after does not respond to customers.

We have a cracked screen. We contacted Chuwi customer support email - they directed us to send $63 by paypal. We did this, you took the money, and now silence for over 2 weeks. No replies to our emails, nothing.

What is going on?

I wish I had found your comments before we bought a Chuwi. It appears they are abandoning their existing clients. does not reply to emails for over 2 weeks

@Management please, help

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Me they answered me once, they asked me to film the laptop and the breakdown, send the serial number and the warranty, I sent everything. after they cut the listening, it’s been more than 5 months . I sent to all Chuwi services but they seem that all have the same symptom: not responding to customers.

Hello guys,

I’ve got a Ubook Pro (Core m3-8100Y) with the Hipen H6 and i wanted this tablet mostly for taking notes and drawing. The thing is: as far as note taking goes, it does its job and that’s great.
However, for drawing, i don’t see what’s the issue but i can’t use pressure sensitivity on any of the programs that i’ve installed, it just doesn’t work at all.
What are the programs really compatible with the pressure sensitivity that Hipen H6 offers

Could someone point me in the right direction on this? I’m currently considering selling the tablet…