How to apply for after-sales service for your chuwi products

I’ve been trying to get support for a defective and unusable gemibook SINCE OCTOBER 5 and still haven’t gotten anywhere!

I’ve been asked several times to send in photos and videos which I’ve done and still nothing is happening.

Two months of trying to get help for a defective unusable laptop is absolutely unacceptable!

This is a big fake. Chuwi after sales nins are already in Europe. Only in Hong Kong.

Good day! I have a trouble with my CHUWI Hi10 XR 10.1(Order time: 15:25 Apr. 27 2020 ). A few days ago I got a bootloop, Windows Boot manager, file: \efi\Microsoft\Boot\BCD, status 0xc000000f, the boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors. What can I do with this? Thank you, Alex.

Hi I have to wait 1-3 days for response? just send new battery for aerobook plus to R Sandiford 259b Rice Lane , Walton, Liverpool, L9 3BY England

Everything seems to indicate that you have a problem starting Windows, caused by an update or an improper shutdown. To correct it you must download from the official Microsoft site, a pendrive with Windows 10 with the media creation tool. Once you have it, you have to turn on the tablet with the pendrive connected and pressing F7 intermittently until a boot selection screen appears; in it, choose the pendrive and in the Windows installation program select troubleshoot, advanced, and startup repair. A process will start to correct the problem

you must write to

Thank for this information.

I am very unhappy about the CHUWI Hi10 XR 10.1 Inch FHD Screen Intel Celeron Quad Core 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Windows Tablets Dual Band 2.4G/5G Wifi.
I bought it for 2 reason:
First because of switching between Windos10 and Android
Second to use as an tool comparable fast as a mobilphone.
Both doesn’t exist

  • No swichting while booting
  • Slow, very slow Laptop.
    And no manual and no service available. Crazy.
    I want to give back this product…
    How can I do this?

Best regards
Wolfgnag Bergmann

I imagine that, if you are within the withdrawal period, you should contact the seller.

My Airbook Laptop battery had died after 4 months of use.
I had sent numerous messages to aftersale alias . I had tried to contact seller on Amazon where I got AirBookPro.
I had created a topic here on the forum reporting the problem.

Complete and utter silence.

How you guys could claim to have a legal right to sell a product when you cannot even provide any service or support.

The average response time is 24/48 hours, but it is not active on weekends

It had been weeks and weeks. Not simple matter of few days.
I really like the design of the product and it was working great . Till it broke.

And you can imagine the frustration of trying to reach out tor support and not hearing anything back.
I even tried to search and see if I could get a replacement battery and get it fixed myself.

It is really really hard to understand which battery fits my specific model. Searching for the part number didnt work . And I dont want to start experimenting spending more and more trying to fix something that should have a valid warranty.

нужна прошивка андроид и виндовс для версии hi8 pro pq32g22160405586 …

Для моей версии планшета неподходит

пт, 8 янв. 2021 г., 01:49 manonegra222 via CHUWI | Official Forum <>:

Write to

in a message “How to apply for after-sales service …” you say
“please finish the sheet that i have attached ( 1.5”
but when I click to the link I receive an empty page; so how can I ask a technical question to the staff?
Thank you.

Write to

I have problems with my new CoreBook Pro 13 buyed on 21-12-2020.
The system crushes suddenly during normal use with blue screen error BAD OBJECT HEADER.
Can someone help me please?

Thank you

Try to reset your system (Update & Security-> Recovery-> Reset This PC)
If this does not help, try reinstalling the system, but first, make a copy of the drivers with any program such as “Driver BackUp”.