How to apply for after-sales service for your chuwi products

Thank you very much Ermanno

Добрый день!Перегорела микросхема в шлейфе дисплея,срочно нужен шлейф:
CW_X20_970_10. 8_JTY(TV108)_1600X2560_78PIN(2D39)_4P9C_D0123_AVDD_V2.0 190103.
Можете ли вы мне его отправить и сколько это будет стоить

But even with writing to IF you are lucky enough to even get a reply in less than a few weeks they DON’T help with the issues, provide information, or seem to have any idea of what help or service means.

Hands down the worst customer service I have ever tried to deal with.

I’m sorry to read this, but I have no control with the customer service department. If you can explain your problem here I will try, within my means, to find a solution

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I absolutely agree with you: I asked Service at chuwi how to call up the window to choose the start order of my Gemibook and they gave me a wrong answer (F7), I found the answer thanks to this very useful forum (Fn+F7), I asked Aftersale at chuwi if there is an Italian keyboard for the Gemibook, instead of giving me the answer they made me a lot of requests, the photo of the invoice, the photo of the serial on the bottom of the PC, the photo of my grandmother …
I will not recommend this brand to my friends even if the prices are cheap due to the painful assistance.
Shame on Chuwi (and heartfelt thanks to the friends of the forum).

Laptop dead on arrival, how to get it replaced?
I bought an HeroBook Pro+ 13.3 inch Intel Celeron 8GB+128GB it arrived completely dead, I supposed was the charger but it has been tested and it is working fine, so it is the laptop which definitely arrived dead, I’ve asked aftersales email but still haven’t got any reply from them.
I suppose defect products can happen, but a completely dead laptop sent to the other side of the planet is a bit too much, how can it be possible?
and how I can get it replaced?

The guarantee must be given by the seller, so you should contact him.
Sometimes, precisely because it comes from the other side of the world and the package has not been treated with care, it is the reason for these problems

The seller IS chuwi I bought directly from store.
So you mean that evidently defective power circuit could have been broken by courier?

It is possible if it was bought from reseller like Ali or Wish and/or if it was ship by boat. The container get dead froze on the sea and batteries dont enjoy that part much.

the seller is chuwi direct store

Write to

But you have to keep in mind that they are celebrating the Chinese New Year / Spring Festival and will not work until February 24

Hi, I’m in Ghana West Africa, and I and some friends have purchase your products- I’m using UBook11.6.
Is there any arrangement for after sales service for those of us in Africa?
This because recently my machine has started experiencing flashes of screen blurriness.
Friends are asking about service center before they make decision to purchase, others wants to purchase accessories like keyboard.
The Machine is a great machine for the price, though front camera quality need great improvement.


write to

well they responded fairly quick, bu are bouncing me from one mail to another
they put me in contact with a repair center in spain, but they expect me to ship the laptop at my expense, which is unfair since the laptop arrived dead in first place, so I expect, for a serious company, chuwi to:
or pay the shipping
or send me a working laptop
instead the continue to say contact the seller… but
THEY ARE THE SELLER since i bought from chuwi store directly
this is absolutely an insane behaviour

I understand your anger, but the warranty conditions are like this. Another thing is that afterwards you try to get Chuwi to pay you the amount paid for the shipment.

CHUWI is a smart/sharp company.

If you bought the laptop from Amazon, they are responsible to refund within 30days. But CHUWI is not. If I was in your situation, I trash the laptop and buy new one from reliable manufacturers, like Dell and Lenovo. Their products are not so expensive and includes good warranty/care (of course, no shipping cost within warranty).

I recommend you to consider to buy another products except from CHUWI.

PS: I requested Amazon to refund after 30days. Then Amazon told me that you should get the confirmation of the products failure occurred in the warranty. CHUWI denies even the confirmation. JFYI.

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I am STILL waiting on getting any actual support for ANY department with regards to my defective Gemibook, this has been going on since OCTOBER!

Last I heard I was told so send it in for repair but was provided with NO ADDRESS to do so, I asked for the information, I was then sent a shipping label, but this was then cancelled and a second one was sent and this was cancelled! I have asked SEVERAL times over the past few weeks as to what is going on as the labels were cancelled and I STILL have not been told where or what to even do.
I am getting extremely frustrated with the lack of service.

@Management IS THERE ANYONE who ACTUALLY provides support?

Link is down. Can you fix it?

Hello, i am curious. In which temperature range <> is the computer working. Because if the ventilation is insufficient, it could behave like this when reaching working temperature limits.

I’ve just taken delivery of my CoreBox X. All seems fine except the fan is constantly revving and slowing. It’s very noisy and distracting. I bought this computer because my old (Lenovo) all-in-one PC was too loud. Reviews of the CoreBox and your own literature say it is very quiet, but that’s not the case with mine.

Is there something wrong with it? Is there something I can do to fix it? Do you need to change it for another box?

Many thanks,