I bought a cheap Chuwi Lapbook Air from ebay as untested and

While the lapbook is in great condition. It is dead except that when you try to switch on the LED on the top of the laptop on the far right flashes quite fast and that is the only sign of life. Taking off the bottom cover reveals a complete absence of a heatsink where it would normally be. Curious would the laptop boot without a heatsink and then quickly thermal throttle or would it know there was no heatsink instantly and fail to boot. Anyway looking for any advice from a Chuwi expert on this forum that might help me. I didn’t pay a lot for the laptop so its a bit of a gamble and may look out for a damaged version without a working screens so I can make one good laptop out of two bad but just wondered if this laptop is fixable without a donor laptop?

Hi, this is a very very old model, we actually do not know in which way we can help you. Did you ask the ebay seller?. To repair ir you need to send it to our repair center.
Are you asking if we have a thermal heatsink replacement in stock?

Out of interest what would a replacement heatsink cost if you had one with shipping to the UK? However I was really interested to know what the flashing means of the right LED between the keyboard and screen and what fault that indicates?

I will ask tomorrow.Give me the serial number of your laptop.

I actually see there is a copper plate glued to the bottom which I hadn’t noticed before. Normally I see a heatsink purposely designed and screwed to the main PCB but there is a thin copper plate glued to the base plate of the laptop so ignore me about that.

The serial number is: ZLA Q128G80180404449

Then i really do not understand what should i ask :slight_smile: do you want the Fan? or exactly which piece? can you please make me a picture of what you need so i know what i need to ask :slight_smile:

I guess what I really need is the service manual or service information for this model? A list of what each LED flash sequence means for faults. That sort of information.