Installation of Android on uBook pro n4100

Please , share exactly how shrink ssd (maybe in windows?) and how select this 64GB drive for the install. THX

Can you show us the procedure in BIOS and UEFI? I don’t know which will I disable. I have accidentally overwrite it to my Windows partition (I created partition for Chrome OS) but upon installation, it didn’t let me choose in which Drive should I install the Chrome OS.

This youtube link isn’t ok for dual boot on the Ubook pro. It has only one SSD drive . If you follow this video windows partitions will be deleted. If you want dual boot , then install the windows 10 again, then and follow this video.
Have to the external keyboard for the installing, and the boot choosing!

Chrome Os is super, but some things don’t work: automatic rotate ,the HI pen, the camera in some app.
Many new and classic 3D games runs smothly. (Asphalt series, Shadowgun, NOVA,etc.)

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Luckily, I have restored my windows 10 earlier including the drivers. :slight_smile:
Wow cool! Will try it right away. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I’m having trouble with my Boot menu, I reinstalled the Windows 10 but the fn + f7 doesn’t work.

What is the version of ChromeOs that you are using? Because on my ChromeOS wirelles does’t work. My version is chromeos_12871.102.0_rammus_

Please see the version name on zip that you Downloaded ChromeOS, because there are many versions.

I used ver 84, but I will update to ver 86.

it work, Also I try kukui and scarlet version to recognize stylus pen, but on terminal the image was not recognized. I don’t know why.

When I run Prime OS in debug mode, I end up with a text screen. I don’t know what command to type to start Android. (I’m not technically adept, clearly.) Can you tell me what to do? I’m trying to get Android working with the touchscreen so I can read comics on my ubook.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just use a UWP-app like Cover on Windows 10? If it’s just for reading comics, installing Android is a “tad” overkill :slight_smile:

Overkill is my middle name! But I read all my comics with legal apps (Marvel Unlimited, Hoopla, etc.), so it has to be Android. Or iOS - I’m pretty close to giving up and just buying a big iPad Pro instead.

Maybe Bluestacks (sort of an Android emulator) is an option then? Works pretty well on a Celeron N4100, especially for “easy rendering” apps like comic readers. I wouldn’t use it for games though :wink:

It’s just that having to reboot into Android each time just to read comics might get pretty boring I imagine, especially since booting (Windows or Android) takes a toll on the battery as well.