Keyboard not working


I do not know whether I have a hardware or a software problem. I have replace the original win with a win10 and for a year or more it have worked just fine. But suddenly, the keyboard did not connect anymore. The two green light did not light up when starting up the computer, and I can not enter anything on my computer using the keyboard.
An alternative wireless keyboard and an old fashion wired USB keyboard still works fine. But I want my original cover keyboard back ;0)

I have bought a new keyboard but is still waiting for it due to the (real life) virus in China. In the meantime, I was wondering if I have a problem with a driver or something like that. Maybe I’m not the only one struggling.

Please advice.

In advance thank you. Per

If keyboard doesn’t make “connecting” usb sound when you attach it to a tablet, probably its hardware problem.

Coincidence apart, I have the very same problem from today :frowning:
Running Win10 1909 …
Ordered a new keyboard on AliExpress but there are not many resellers left…

Well, received the new keyboard (despite COVID and all…) and… it works again!! :smiley:
So it was definitely a hardware issue… dunno why tho…

It is not the first time that I read it. There have been quite a few cases where the keyboard suddenly stops working due to some internal failure I imagine.
The only solution is to buy a new one.
It would not hurt if you put the purchase link.

Thanks for sharing

Sorry to be late to reply! I’ve found my keyboard at this store on AliExpress:
Seems there are still a few left, in purple. (I was afraid about the color, but it’s definitely not a problem :smiley: )

Sorry for responding so late. The new keyboard solved my problem. ‘Opening up’ the Old keyboard made it clear that a small wire was broken. I don’t think it can be fixed.