[Lapbook Plus] [Official Version] Chuwi LapBook Plus, windows,drivers,bios,instructionn,How to fix the bugs in WIFI drivers?

Hello, Could you share EC dump to this model here? This dump is 1MB size.

i have some issue with the camera drivers, when i try to install a new legacy device (cause my camera disappeared) with those drivers it says that they are uncompatible with Windows x64.
Am i doing something wrong?
My serial is: LapBP Q256G19070876
Hoping in a quick reply ^^

Hi. I cannot assure the camera works.

If your camera is a Realtek USB camera, download Realtek USB camera driver for Win8.1(this is the official latest) and execute the installer under Windows compatibility mode.

The camera is PC native, is not USB

Hi. Sorry for my too short explanation.

What I meant is whether the camera embedded on the PC motherboard is connected via built-in USB hub (in Intel CPU chipset) and designed by Realtek (Vendor ID(VID) 0x0BDA).

For example: front camera of my PC embedded on the PC motherboard.

connected through USB and designed by Realtek.

Embedded USB hub in Intel Chipset is:

(This is in case of N4100 CPU. xHCI host controller.)

I confirmed that CPU of Lapbook plus (Intel Atom x7 E3950) has xHCI. Resolution of the front camera is 2MP as like my PC (Hi10X). I recommend you to re-install factory preset Windows10 using recovery USB drive made before installing Windows10 now running. on your PC

Try this.

  1. open Device manager
  2. enable “Show hidden devices”
  3. expand “Cameras” section

If you find grayed out items in Camera section (like USB Mass Storage Devices in the screen shot, but these are in “USB” section, not “Camera” section), your front camera might lose connection through USB.

I don’t see any USB hidden device, i tryed to install REALTEK drivers but nothing happened, i will try with BIOS reset, but i can’t download the BIOS linked in this topic

Hi, the “BIOS user mode” download is down, may we have a new upload?

I need the Bios for my LapBook Plus.
Because in link not avalible

sorry, not avalible, please i need Bios LapBook Plus Serial Number: LapBP Q256G19070394

How to install lapbook drivers that are posted in this thread? File doesn’t have setup.exe files only dll and similar files…

I need BIOS drivers to fix wifi issue for LapBook Plus. Thanks

The files are no longer there. Would you re-sharing the bios and driver files again. Thanks.

hello i live in turkey i have this lapbook 15.6 model please can you send me the updated bios and drivers