LapBook Plus Drivers needed

Dear Chuwi Team,

please provide a link to all needed drivers for the LapBook Plus.

I made a fresh OS install and now I’m not able to obtain all drivers and I need your help.

Your help will be much appreciated!

Thank you for the link, but they are empty…

Files are missing.

Thank you for the link, but they are empty…

Files are missing.

Hi Management,

the links you have provided above are empty.

Please send again.

Thank you!

Hi guys,
only the first file is available (BIOS).
Please load them again

Just a moment, our technical department will upload it again.

There’s only one WiFi driver for now.

Hi Management,

thank you for the link, but after a fresh install more drivers are needed like:

  • audio driver,
  • card reader driver,
  • and more…

When can we expect for your technical department to provide the rest?

Thank you and regards!

Hi Management,

please provide instructions how to install this WiFi driver.

Thank you.

Sorry, it is not available at the moment. I asked the relevant department and got the answer that it will take some time, and I cannot tell you the specific date.

Hi Management,

so basically I bought a product that has no after sale support… Great deal!

You can PUSH your relevant department for a faster resolution.

Hi Management,

You need to understand that I bought a product and I want to use it.

At the moment I have a laptop with missing drivers that is not working as expected.

I need those drivers to have it working.

Is it so complicated for you to provide drivers for your own product???

For example I need driver for the TF Card reader and an audio driver.

At least give me more details about the parts used and I will find the drivers my self.

Sorry again,I really can’t provide what I don’t have right now. How about you try to write it for the after-sales service?

Contacted aftersale as suggested. Almost immediate reply. Hope this will solve my issue.

Thank you.

Will give feedback later.

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So basically, the reply from aftersale was fast, but the files provided are of no help for me…

there is a Windows image that cannot be installed…

there is also a Tool Folder with bunch of tests to run and not a single driver…

I lost my whole day downloading, extracting and testing and at the end I´m right where I started…

Hi @Management,

I´m still waiting…