[Lapbook Plus] [Official Version] Chuwi LapBook Plus, windows,drivers,bios,instructionn,How to fix the bugs in WIFI drivers?

Chuwi Lapbook Plus:Flash BIOS in user mode
Lapbook Plus drivers:

Lapbook Plus windows:

the instruction to flash BIOS by U-disk:

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hello, where can I download the NE156-AfuFlash folder

Can you tell me the serial number?

The Serial Number is: LapBP Q256G19070885

Since I also have an issue with wifi card, may I know more about this driver issue ?

My topic here: WIFI network card disappeared

My serial is LapBP Q256G19070020

Where to download "NE156-AfuFlash "


Hello, where can I download the NE156-AfuFlash folder
The Serial Number is: LapBP Q256G19070885
I am hoping for a fast answer

Same problem, wifi adapter disappeared from device manager, cant enable it. And archive for flashing contains only guide how to flash, actual files with updated bios are missing.

Sorry for the late reply.

Hello, there is no Afuwinx64.exe in that folser how can i make the update now? Please solve this issue ast.

Thanks for help, update worked and I have wifi again!

@Brugger you have to format flash, rename it to WINPE, put archive contents to it and boot from it (F7 on start). No need for winflash…

Ciao …stesso problema lapbook se però … ho instyallato lultimo aggiornamento dei w10 ed il wifi è sparito in realtà è nasciotto nei device perche sembra non attivo a livello HD… io sopo un po sono entrato nel bio e ho smanettato in alcune ozioni della reta … al riavvio il wifi cera … al sencondo riavvo anche … prova

ciao cosa hai cambiato?

It worked for some hours but now the same problem again

it still isn’t working. it worked for some hours but now same problem.
i can conect with all acess point and router but with some i can’t get a conecction with the internet.
on all other devices the internet is working.
This is already my second lapbook plus with this problem…

Network stack driver support

Hi, I’ve got a Chuwi Lapbook Plus and I need the latest Bios update. The file “LapBook Plus BIOS.rar” (inside your Mediafire shared folder) doesn’t work…
Can you give me another working link?

Thank you!


How fix ssd speed?
I did think that build in ssd are slow and buy another ssd which have speed 560/530, but new ssd have same speed.

my BIOS version E.A116J_1.D8.E1.033

saw pictures

Hope that I need download and install new bios and set special paramets and ssd’s work on full speed (about 500-550 )

Please, can give me answer someone?