Larkbook is coming!!!

Larkbook has finally launched at the Chuwi official store:

The warm-up event starts from Dec. 8th thru Dec.14th but only for event subscribers.
The laptop can only then be ordered from Dec. 15th thru Dec. 22nd.
Special offers for subscribers only:
$50 Off coupon code will be automatically sent to your email after subscribing to the event.
A free laptop bag
One entry in our giveaway for a free Larkbook!
Don’t miss your chance to win!

I’m so glad to meet the Chuwi company after some unsuccesfull years with the laptops of “other” companies!! This will be my first Chuwi notebook and I’m sure it meets all of my expectactations. Reasonable price for a great quality :slight_smile:

I can’t wait any longer!! Just few days left 'till the surprise!

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A very interesting device :crossed_fingers:

Love how thin and light this is. Perfect for Travel!

excited to see how it handles everyday tasks!

Me emociona lo bien que se mira

Good laptop, it looks very complete!

I had unsuccessful years with Chuwi laptops .
What makes you think this is better that a crowd ?

They look petty nice but look at the number of reports on failing batteries and people having hard time contacting support for any problems.

I have known about Chuwi devices since 2015 when I bought my first Vi10 Pro tablet, which is still running on a 6+ hour battery life. Since then I have bought a multitude of tablets and laptops for friends and family. 2 years ago I bought the AeroBook, which at 6 months had problems with the battery. I contacted Chuwi and within a week I had my laptop repaired and working normally. I can not find reasons to buy another brand if Chuwi has responded.

I had tried contacting Chuwi support for more than a month.
There is no phone number published.
They ask you to send problem information over the email and then no-one replies.

Not sure about repair timelines you’ve mentioned: As far as I understand Chuwi has no repair facility locally ( speaking of US ). And any shipping over to China taking weeks.
Maybe you are in different part of the world but here I would have hard time advising anyone getting a product that is essentially not supported.