Micro HDMI power to converter

I have an old VGA monitor, and uave sucessfully attached to my old laptop HDMI port using an HDMI to VGA converter. However, on my Chuwi LabBook Pro the screen is intermittent and very weak. I suspect that the converter chip built into the connector relies on power from the HDMI connector. Is there a confituration option to set the supply power onto the microHDMI port?

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Hello, I have a similar problem, I bought a mini HDMI - VGA adapter to connect an external VGA monitor. But when I plug it in nothing happens, the screen is all black. Can you help me? Thank you

HDMI-ports aren’t really designed to power anything, they don’t have dedicated power-threads like USB does. As far as I know you need an active convertor to go from HDMI to VGA, so are you sure the adapter you’re using doesn’t need external power? If it has a micro-USB or USB-C port, that’s why :wink:

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The adapter had a chip in it, so guess it is active.

I assumed the CHUWI didn’t provide sufficient power, so i Googled the HDMI spec, & then soldered a USB power ±5v into the adapter & all worked splendidly. I would therefore recommend buying an HDMI/VGA adapter with a separate USB power socket.

BTW, another thing to note, when you plug the HDMI in, windows changes the default speaker output to this device. Since I didn’t want that its wise to manually change the speaker output back.

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hello, thanks for your reply. I don’t know if my adapter is active but it sure has nothing to power it with. there is only one mini hdmi male on one side and one vga female on the other. the external monitor it is connected to is powered.

I Will buy a powered adapter like this?