Minibook x BIOS not discovery ssh disk

minibook x 10.8

  1. image artifacts in the BIOS (lines on screen and the old image do not cleared)
    Where can I download the correct BIOS update for this model?
    2)after resetting to the factory settings of the bios.
    ssd drive disappeared
    What needs to be enabled in the bios to make it work?

bios version ZM-BI-108-S105JWR120-JCB0E-082-C
ec version EC-XER-01.08


The lines on the screen are caused by a hardware bug with this model. Chuwi have “fixed” this inside the driver, so it will clear itself when you boot into Windows. This unfortunately means you cannot update the display driver, and probably, can’t use any other OS install.

The SSD is SATA, not NVMe. So you’ll need to search the BIOS to find anything that references SATA and ensure that it is enabled.

Also raises the question, why did you reset the BIOS? Respectfully, stop tinkering if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Hi! Tnx for answer!

I think the best practice is when the bios is configured by default so that the hardware starts to work.


  1. the laptop turned off by itself
  2. when turned on, it gave the line “… skip startup.nsh …”
  3. reboot helped to turn on the window, but the laptop freezee after a minute
  4. point 2 on the screen (“… skip startup.nsh …”)
  5. reboot did not help
  6. for the tenth time, went into the BIOS, clicked “restore default”.
  7. helped to load Windows
  8. point 3 was repeated

I can read. Everything (Sata) is on in BIOS.
If you know the answer to this problem, please write.

thank you!!!

No sir. Best practice is to leave the thing alone.

This BIOS is “fully unlocked” which means literally every setting is open to be changed – including things that should not be given to end users because they can PERMANENTLY brick the hardware. Please, for the love of god, STOP tinkering.

Take your laptop to an experienced computer repair center and let them set the BIOS properly for you.

From your answer, I understand:

Buying chuwi is bad practice.

Tnx, for best practise answer!