Need BIOS for Chuwi Hi10 Air64G18103964

Dear @Management and @manonegra222 please upload BIOS file for Chuwi Hi10 Air Model 64G18103964.

Sometimes it’s hard to turn on my tablet PC, the chuwi logo appears on startup, but the tablet turned off again, after 5 sec the chuwi logo appears again. After 3 times the same case repeated, the tablet show windows 10 loader animation, then tablet boot to windows lock screen.

In other case, the tablet won’t turned on by the power button until I plug and unplug charger for 5 times repeated, then the chuwi logo appears and above case happen.

One day, there is also error displayed with display text “Error sending End of Post message to ME, System HALT!”

I already try to flash Windows from this post [Hi10 Air] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Air Windows, driver, Bios download, but the problem still exist, try to restore BIOS settings to factory default, still no good news.

I think BIOS flashing can fix this, but if you have another solution please help me.

Please send this massage to

Hi, can you please upload the BIOS file?