Network problem

Every time I turn on the CHUWI HeroBook Air notebook I have to connect to the network, it doesn’t connect automatically. I’m about to open a dispute on AliExpress. The notebook is with the original system, the only thing done was to upgrade to windows 11. The company’s support is terrible.

Maybe this will help a bit?

I have the same problem with my new Herobook Air, still original WIndows 11.
What I have to do to connect to the wifi:
Before typing my password or passcode to login, I click the network icon.
I turn wifi off and then on again.
Then it connects with retained credentials.

I hope there is a fix. This is very annoying, but there are other things to like about this laptop.

Try uninstall current wifi driver or you can also uninstall all version of wifi driver then restart your laptop. Windows will install stock wifi driver, try reconnnect and check whether it connect automatically after reboot or not.

Thanks for the response.
I checked all the network and wifi drivers and Windows reports that they are all current.

I have fixed my problem by setting your WiFi Network to connect automatically.