New User -Hi10 problem after reset


I took over this tablet from a family member. It had not been used for a long time but after charging, it booted up ok.
I wanted to remove the previous users and set up myself as the new user/administrator, so it was put into ‘reset’ mode. When I went to bed, it was about 40% complete, and this morning I tried to boot it and nothing happens: after pressing the power button for 5 seconds, the orange led comes on for a brief time, then goes out and the screen remains black.

Before the reset, I could boot it in either Windows or Android, the battery was holding its power and everything was working as hoped. Now it appears to be dead apart from the flashing orange led.

What is wrong with it? I have seen several posts about this issue but none of the fixes works for me.

Any advice would be appreciated. I know it’s some years old but it was working fine before the reset.

Hello, please provide the machine serial number, we will send the system to you to reinstall, thank you


Thanks for your offer of help. The serial number is Q64G42151101024.

yes, sometime i got same issue

Hello again. When might I be getting the system software you kindly offered to send me?


You asked me for the serial number and I sent it via the forum but you haven’t replied so I am sending it again:


I am looking forward to your help in getting it working again.

Thank you.

Were you able to resolve the issue? I am still waiting for Chuwi Service to do what they said they would do, so at the moment I will accept whatever help I am offered.

i got same issue ..

So do I.
I didn´t nothing.
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