[Official] The Windows boot reading

Important Tip :Windows enters the system for the first time, the boot wizard skips the WiFi connection

According to many users’ feedback, Microsoft official frequently push Windows 10 version update. When connecting to the WiFi access network in the initial boot setup wizard, it will be connected to the Microsoft server to get the update, so the boot will stay too long and take an unpredictable time, which can be up to 48 hours. To successfully enter the system for the first time, it is important to remind you to skip the WiFi connection in the boot wizard interface. All boot wizard operations can be set after entering the system.

Guidance :How to skip WiFi Settings in the boot wizard interface

When the Windows boot wizard is set to the interface of「Let’s connect you to a network」, click 「I don’t have internet」in the lower left corner.

And then enter the interface「There’s more to discover when you connect to the internet」,click「Continue with limited setup」in the lower left corner to skip the WiFi network Settings.

  • After the boot wizard has been set up and entered the system, WiFi or wired network can be connected manually, upgrade the Windows in「Windows Settings」→「Update and Security」.
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