[Solved] Brand new HeroBook doesn't start

I just received my brand new HeroBook but while going through the setup steps, I was asked to set up a PIN code, I said yes and then the screen went to “wait a moment please” and I kept waiting for hours!! What can I do to over come this step so I can finish the setup of my pc? Thanks.

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It is a Windows theme that does not pop up the screen to put the PIN.
There are two options:

  1. Make the configuration with the router turned off or simply do not put the pin at that time.
  2. When the screen waits for a moment please be present, press Alt and the cursor (key to the left of the Q) and the window to enter the pin will appear

Thank you so much the issue is resolved :slight_smile:

I love that it worked

Can someone help me I’ve just recieved my new herobook and it just keeps saying just a moment when I try set up a pin really need help been waiting ages and nothing is happening

If solution above doesn’t help you, try to reboot and skip account and pin setup. Аfter setting up windows you can enter pin and account by yourself in settings.

Hi Tracey,

I had the same issue, so I set up my pc without connection to internet and that’s allowed to access my pc without a PIN and then through setting I set up my PIN. Hope this helps.


I’ve solves the problem but now my Microsoft store not working wont let me download apps

Hello, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not connect to wifi when entering the system for the first time because Microsoft will let you register your Microsoft account and PIN as your password. It may also automatically download the latest windows1909 system, which will stay at the interface for a while. I currently recommend that you reinstall the windows system.