Problems with the service provided by CHUWI

Hello, in January I bought a replacement full screen (screentouch LCD) for my Chuwi Hi9 Air CWI533 tablet.

The display reference is LQ101R1SX01. They sent me an LQ101R1SX03, which has different characteristics, to notify Chuwi through the two emails they have, that is, to and I sent them photos of my tablet and I indicated that it was not the same screen reference as the one that my tablet had, to which they replied that it did not matter and that it was valid for my tablet. When I went to change the screen (with the tablet turned off obviously) it gave a spark and burned a resistor or chip (I have sent photos of the tablet before and after and even a video as I was asked) so the tablet has stopped working . I have not stopped sending emails to these two emails (in which they always answered me) and the only thing they have done is give me a quiet answer (I have all the emails saved, all).

I want you to give me a solution, since, by following your instructions, the tablet has stopped working.

If you want I can send you all the photos and emails.

I await your response, regards

Please tell me your email address.(By the way, some screens are shareable.)

My mail is

After - sales colleagues say that you installed the machine in the case of live, resulting in the burning of the motherboard.

Not so, everything was disconnected and the change was made correctly, the replacement screen was not what it had to be. And I don’t know how they could have told you that, without telling you my case number or anything else … how do you know my tablet is? It seems to me a generic answer. What they do not provide me with is solutions to an error on your part

Why don’t you answer me? because of you they break my tablet and now they don’t take care of anything? I find it shameful how they are acting, I keep waiting for them to assume their responsibilities and fix the error

He continues to overcome his solution to my problem due to his negligence, or at least to replace the tablet that due to his fault has failed. everything that is happening seems disrespectful to me, is this how CHUWI treats its clients?

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