Reset to factory HI 10 X

I don’t manage to reset to factory my Chuwi HI 10 X with Windows 10.
I have tried all ways (really all, also option “delete all files”, also reinstall from cloud, from flash drive, everything) available in Windows System but reset always fails (stops at 65% and then fails).

Could you give me some help? Maybe there is something to change in UEFI, is there?

I add:

  • update to 22H2 of Windows 10 is impossible, it always fails;
  • boot of live version of Linux from a flash drive doesn’t work. I have changed priorities on boot tab of Bios but nothing, only Windows boot from internal hard disk works

PC seems as blocked, as if it was not possible to change anything.

But, over all, I want to reset to factory data but I don’t manage to.