how to disable standby when i close the cover?

how to disable standby when i close the cover?

To change the behavior of Windows when you close the cover of your laptop you must go to start, configuration, system, start-off / suspend and, once there, choose the option on the right: c. Additional power configuration. On the next screen, select: choose the lid closing behavior.

I wanted to say, how to disable the screen turning off when I close the magnetic cover?

I think it is not possible because it is a magnetic switch that acts by magnets


The behaviour you describe [and that all owners of a Hi10 Pro with its keyboard experience] is set in the bios. These settings over-ride anything done in Windows. There is no known solution.

It is, of course, possible that some already-existing-but-misleadingly-labelled settings within the bios could be used to change this behaviour but we’d still need Chuwi to work out what to do because the bios is too complicated for random experiments on our part.

You could email Chuwi support at but they’ve never replied to any emails I have sent them. I have just asked them again -
Action on closing lid [Chuwi Hi10 Pro with integral keyboard]
{serial number} - using Windows 10 x64 only
When I close the lid, the power is removed from the keyboard including to its USB connections and I need to stop that. I want nothing to happen when I close the lid.
This behaviour is set in the bios and nothing done in Windows can change the behaviour.
Are there bios settings that I can change to achieve what I want?