UBOOK PRO 8100Y - (For DIYers) A good way to maximize performance and use

I am a VERY DIY person and I just recently bought a UBook Pro, 8100Y model and I see it has potential! After seeing how many areas it can improve in, I decided to go ahead and start making new adjustments. Please note I am NOT responsible for you damaging your tablets! You know the risks! So let’s begin! :slight_smile:


  1. Reinstall Windows 10 from scratch! Remember to reactivate your touchscreen, you just need to turn on USB type C in the settings of you BIOS.


  1. Change the second CHUWI boot logo to whatever you like. I changed mine to “UBook Pro” so it looks more professional when starting up the tablet.


  1. Sorry CHUWI but let’s face it! The battery for a great tablet like this one sucks and is well known to balloon up after about six months of use according to many users and ruin the tablet indefinitely and also cause a fire! So why order a new battery pack from you guys if it’s going to happen again?

CAUTION: LIPO Batteries are VERY dangerous if mishandled. It is dangerous work making a battery packs! ONLY DO THIS ATTEMPT IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!

So I used Samsung branded 4x 3.6V Lipo batteries of 18Wh each which add up to a nice CUSTOM 60wh battery pack when placed in a 7.6V configuration to which the tablet runs on and still using the original BMS of the original battery pack.

NOW I AM GETTING calculations of 10 hours battery life with battery settings set to balanced and screen brightness set to 35%. So real world approx I should get about 7-8 hours battery life.


Mine NEVER worked… Broken drivers? Physically broken camera modules? Even if they did work, the quality is very potato like!

I haven’t started this mod yet but I plan to use those very slim camera modules they use on laptops. They will fit nicely inside the tablet casing and they could be at least half as decent then the proper ones.

OR I can just use a Logitech Webcam… But where is the fun in that right?


They are not bad but they can do with a lil more loudness at least. I haven’t started this mod yet but I plan to use a miniature 3W inline stereo amplifier, tune it accordingly to my liking and close everything up nice and neatly. Can easily use a 5v source from the motherboard.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and helps give you an idea on how you like your tablets to be.


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UPDATE 1.0 - I was looking around in the BIOS settings and found a very good way to boost read/write speeds on your SSD so overall performance doubles with a simple setting.

If you look into the SATA settings and its configurations, you will find Gen1, Gen2 (default) and G3. After selecting G3, saving the BIOS settings and restarting my tablet, I noticed a significant increase in response and read/write speeds.

I also followed a youtube link and it really helped with the performance too!!

Speed up Windows 10 PC for MAXIMUM performance (Hidden secrets) - 2021 - YouTube

You can see in the attached pictures BEFORE (slow speeds) and AFTER (fast speeds)

as proof from my side.

UPDATE 1.2 -

For those who have trouble turning off the display and wanting to take the tablet around because it easily turns back on with the sensitive touchscreen and also having to stay turning the tablet on and off (which takes time to load), all you have to do is go into POWER OPTIONS as you right click on the battery icon at the lower right of the Taskbar and from the left panel, CHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PRESS THE POWER BUTTON set the laptop to SLEEP in both BATTERY and PLUGGED IN modes. This solution works very well for me. You can notice the blue indicator in the bezel of the screen “breathing” on and off indicating standby mode. Easy to see if you tablet is on or not. Simply hit the power button again and continue where you left off without needing to turn off the tablet when you’re on the go!

No need for unwanted touches and mumbo jumbo on your tablet when you’re not using it :slight_smile: Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Which program did you use to change your boot logo?

There are many. Over the internet but one I found good is HackBGRT1.15 :wink: you can follow a youtube tutorial so you don’t damage the bios software so be careful :wink:

Thanks… I saw this but it does not replace the Chuwi splash entirely. It still shows on boot just before the custom logo

Yeah true but it’s better than the darn thing repeating itself over. I tried to find a way but no luck so far. If anyone out there knows how to do this, please enlighten us!

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I found a very good way. Buy a Samsung.