UBook Pro Pen input is not centered on the point of contact

I purchased a UBook Pro a few weeks ago for use with art applications. I don’t yet have the HiPen H6 4096 pen due to it being shipped from China, but I’ve tried four alternative pens from various brands and they all have the exact same issue. When I touch the screen with the pen the cursor is shifted to be positioned over what seems to be the center of mass of the nib rather than the point of contact. This makes precise work impossible as the cursor is never where it should be. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? Or at least if it’s known if the HiPen H6 pen differs in some way that won’t cause this problem? (I would also like to note that the H6 1024 pen I have does not work with the tablet at all)

Which Tablet do you got? H6 pen with 4096 sense only Work with Ubook pro n4100 and 8100y chips. Meanwhile h3 pen Work only with the Ubook, because you worte your question in the wrong Thread If you own a Ubook pro. However i dont have this isssues with the Ubook pro and the h6 pen. There is also an Update for the h6 pen in the Ubook pro Thread.


I need to Update it there a newer Version of the normal Ubook which only Support the h6 pen, you should ask the Management and Show them you Version number, its found behind the device

And did you Update the TP driver ? You can find it Here