Unexpected degradation battery(capacity) 99%

Hello! My Minibook stopped working from the battery a few days ago. Aida64 It shows battery(capacity) 99% degradation. If you pull out the Minibook power cable, it turns off.

I own a mini-book (delivered by courier) from 06 December, 2019.

What do i do?!


Please respond to my problem.

I had same symptom. This is the battery problem. So please ask Chuwi service at first.

Thank you very much, I am glad that you had a positive experience in solving this problem!

I can repair minibook’s battery, feel free to contact me, if you don’t solve with official support.


Can you tell me where you can buy a battery for a mini book? Or compatible battery?

Minibook Battery

Please check the link.

Surprise! Two months after working from charging, the battery began to charge fully and keep a charge. I didn’t do anything at all!

Thank you to all who responded.


can I ask what action caused this problem in the first place?

Hi! Can you help to repair minibook’s battery?