USB-C charging port is not working

AFAIK a slightly smaller screen with higher resolution is about all the difference there is between the Ubook X and Pro (the X being the smaller/higher resolution one). The biggest difference is with the keyboard.

Probably because the batch of screens Chuwi ordered for the Ubook Pro-model was depleted and they couldn’t source the same panel anymore, so they just made a “new model” of the Ubook-line that’s basically the Ubook Pro but with another display.

Although nice to know the charging via USB-C works! I was in doubt to order a powerbank like the ZMI 65W-model because I didn’t want to fry my pretty tablet (which I use daily for about all my digital consumption and teaching), but now I know it should work :slight_smile:

Many thanks - I went with 48W as middle ground (no idea if 65W would fry things or if power mgmt is clever enough to negate this, and I avoided 30W in case it wasn’t enough or too slow). [18W PD does nothing].

Pretty sure that if it negotiates okay with a 48W-charger, it should do the same with a 65W-model as long as the negotiation goes through Power Delivery. The original charger of the Ubook Pro only goes to about 24W, so if any “frying” would be involved it should already happen at 48W :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know when the powerbank gets here. In about 3 months… :wink:

Small update: My 65W-PD-charger arrived yesterday and does indeed charge the Ubook Pro (N4100) through USB-C without any problem. It even charges at about 2x the rate of the supplied charger with the pin-connection, so I’m now pretty sure it will work with the 65W-PD-powerbank that’s underway as well :slight_smile:

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Extra update again: My ZMI 65W 20Ah powerbank arrived last week and has so far charged my Ubook Pro (N4100) about 3 times already. The PD-charging over USB-C is most definitely working in the N4100-model as well :wink:

Using the tablet while it’s charging through the powerbank was no problem.