USB ports stop working but mass storage

Hello, I’ve bought an Aerobook Plus i5 via indiegogo crowdfunding, and the laptop was sent to me on july 2020. About a month later the left USB port stops working with mouse and smartphone, it was working only for usb mass storage ( disk and usb keys). Just yesterday also the remaining right usb port stops working in the same way… This problem doesn’t depend on windows 10, cause the same problem is present also booting with a linux key. Actually it’s impossible to me to work, cause I need, at least, to connect myy smartphone. Has someone the same problem? I think if I’m lucky it could be a bios issue, otherwise it’s a hardware problem…


I´ve the same problem on my UBook Pro. After a while the port has stopped working for all devices except mass storage. Very weird behavior for me…


Is your USB storage is AC-powered ? or Bus-powered ?


It´s fully Bus-powered
It´s a USB → SATA Adapter with an SSD attached to it. No external power
This is the only device working on this port.
The SSD is working without problems at full speed

Weird, isn´t it?

Sure, exactly weird.

I have encountered similar phenomenon when WinXP. At that time, I removed that mouse device driver in device manager and plug out & in the mouse, then PC recognized it.
I experienced the same in using keyboard.

How can’t this method work for the case?

EDIT: remove device → remove device driver. sorry :disappointed:

My problem seems to be beneath the OS.

I´ve an old USB-Stick with a LED for testing purposes.

In my “damaged” port this stick-led is off and the stick is not working. In my other port the stick is working and the LED is on.

I´ve tested this stick in Bios just to be sure its not a OS-driver problem. In the “damaged” USB-port the LED is still off, in the other Port the LED is on.

I don´t think its a driver problem.
Anyway, the USB-SDD ist the only device, the port accepts.

I´m cueless