Windows 10 fails to startup

My chuwi gbox pro mini pc is just less than 2 years old and now I cannot use it. Windows failed to startup. I tried to reset or reformat but there is no prompt for me to follow.

When I switch on the power, the chuwi logo appears but windows does not startup. I believe only the files are corrupted, the hardwares are not a problem. Who can provide me the solution? Thank you.

Emmanuel E.

Hi, if you are sure that the drive is OK, you can use Windows recovery.

Create a bootable USB stick with the Windows setup. This works with the Windows Media Creation Tool.

But you should make a data backup beforehand. If the Windows Recovery does not get the installation repaired, then there is only a reset to factory settings.

You can create a Linux live USB stick for data backup. e.g. with Ubuntu, Linux Mint or mx Linux. This gives you access to the drive and you can copy everything.