Hi10 XR - windows laggy,

For me it’s very smooth, but I changed a lot of things, and I can’t really remember what I changed, but i think the main cause of the choppyness was windows power management and compatibility telemetry, make sure to set everything to maximum performance where you can (intel graphics controll panel, windows power options), and set windows update to do only security updates.

For me turning off the first item in that list (Animate controls and elements inside Windows) gave the best “performance increase” in usability . Opening the Start Menu, Action Center or Task View is very choppy when animated, but instant when not animated. It’s of course less smooth/responsive because it responds to a gesture with something like a pop-up (for example: Action Center just pops into place instead of sliding into view as if you really dragged it), but it does open instantly instead of first going through a very choppy animation.

Especially the Task View-animation is notorious for it’s choppiness on even pretty powerfull systems!

I refrain from putting all power modes on Max because it does affect battery life greatly. On “better battery” I get about 8-10 hrs on my Ubook Pro, on Best Performance that’s reduced to about 4-5 hrs. My median teaching day is 6hrs, so Best Performance doesn’t cut it :wink:

I’m hoping the Sun Valley upgrade later this year improves things greatly. Especially Tablet Mode is bad compared to how smooth it was in 2012 with Windows 8 (and WAY less powerfull devices)!

Can you share a photo of this setting in the BIOS?

Hi, Chuwi Hi10 XR owner here.

You should disable Intel Turbo Boost in either your BIOS settings or by using Throttlestop. I think you’ll appreciate the smoothness of the display graphics after doing that. I don’t recommend tinkering with other BIOS setting aside from that.

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