No longer charging

Minibook was working fine - battery ran out - put on charge - came back, booted into windows, then powered off - and since then, wont charge (light beside USB C doesnt come on) - have tried the official charger and my Dell D6000 docking station.

Is there anything i can do? Have already contacted but the thought of sending it back for repair is worrying as i rely on this laptop already.

I am rather concerned that support have not responded to my email (having waited 30 days) - I’m currently sat here with a rather expensive paperweight. Is there any official way to get support other than the email address? Do I void the warranty if I remove the bottom panel to ensure the battery is properly connected?

My recommendation would be to return the PC to your seller, if it is still under warranty. A PC of this type with a battery that does not function properly is basically useless. If it is not under warranty, and you wish to keep the unit, you may want to consider having a local expert or specialist check it out.