How to change the AeroBook battery

To get out of this situation (the one in the image) you must type exit and press enter. Then turn off.
When turning on again, you must press Esc intermittently to enter the Bios and there, in the Boot tab, select Windows from the SSD as the boot drive (in the boot priority order line).
Once in Windows, if it starts up, you must write in the lower left space msconfig, to get to a configuration window and in the boot tab, select the SSD as Windows boot. Changes must be saved and restarted.
In case you return to the blue screen of repair, you must download a Windows 10 Home flash drive from the Microsoft page, typing in the search engine “get Windows 10”. Must be Windows 10 with the Media Creation Tool (not an ISO)
Once you have it, you must turn on from the pendrive pressing F7 (or Fn + F7 if you have updated the Bios) to select the pendrive as a means of starting. Once the installation program starts, you should go to the advanced tools, startup, startup repair.
This process should correct errors on Windows startup

Thank you for the detailed help. After trying everything, I had to use the Media Creation Tool and eventually format all partitions because I was constantly getting BSD errors. After a clean Windows install, I was able to successfully flash the bios with the provided files.
After completing the bios update, and logging into windows, I unplugged the charger and the laptop immediately shut down showing 0% charge! Even after multiple power cycles, it is the same result. As soon as I connect the charger, the charging light immediately turns from red to green and windows is showing fully charged (100%).
Could this be because I still have not installed any chipset/system drivers from Chuwi?

I do not think it is due to any Bios problem because it does it with the two Bios provided, the original and the one that was sent to me later and during the flashing of the Bios the programming of the charging chip is carried out to work correctly

You were right. This is not a bios problem. I had to, again, do a clean install with the image file provided by Chuwi as stated here - [Aerobook] [Tutorial]To Reinstall Windows 10 for CHUWI Aerobook.

Battery life now on full charge is only about 1 hour. This is painful!

Now, the function keys like backlight, brightness, volume, etc. only work if I press Fn and then the corresponding key. How can I get it back to the way it was? I have tried reinstalling HID and keyboard drivers, but they didn’t work.

Hello, I have a problem with the battery, my laptop beech turns off after 10 minutes, although it shows a charge of 87 percent, is it possible to replace the battery under warranty? and how does the manufacturer solve this problem?

write to

I have received my AeroBook with the battery changed. A week has passed since I sent it and I can say that the experience with the technical service in Spain has been totally satisfactory.
Very good communication since they contacted me, sending me a message with the shipping address for repair, confirmation of receipt of the laptop when it entered their facilities, communication that it was already repaired and leaving their facilities and reception at my home the next day.

I have checked the operation and everything is perfect.
They have also reinstalled the system on the SSD which is where I had it installed. Keep this in mind because you could lose data that you did not save before sending it.

I think this technical service in Europe is a great success that will ensure that customers have a quick response to their repair needs and that will increase the confidence of potential customers. I think they have taken a good step forward from the competition and, once it is known to users, it will be a compelling reason to buy Chuwi products.

Congratulations Chuwi

Worked fine for me! thanks for the solution!

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I have waited 2 months for the replacement battery from China. Guys, do you think it’s possible to remove the battery and just use the adapter? If it needs to open the laptop, it’s okay for me, as long as I can use the Aerobook without the battery. Thank you.

Yes, the AeroBook works without the battery when the charger is connected

Dear @manonegra222, my Aerobook doesn’t start with only the charger. But strangely, if I continuously press F4, it can operates in Windows normally.

I have been trying to get a replacement battery for a long time now. Got a response from their support about 45 days back when they said they are shipping a new battery. No replies or response to multiple emails after that. I have been emailing Chloe - Also
The battery on my laptop has swollen and become dangerous. Do you know anybody else’s email who can provide the support?
I do not understand why they are so hesitant to provide proper support for faulty hardware. If they want achieve a good brand name and image, this should be at the top of their priorities.

Please write to again and remove that battery first as it may destroy the laptop case. The AeroBook will work connected to the current with its charger

I did buy a new battery from Aliexpress and I use it for a two weeks and I don’t have any problems with it. It charges to 100% and discharges to 0% without unexpected shutdowns, it’s like a original and it lasts approximately 5 hours.

Here is the link:

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thanks for sharing @DamageHigh

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Do you still have problem with hinges? Or, since january Aerobook completely demolished? :thinking:
If still alive - i can send link with step-by-step procedure of repair

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